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The nonprofit ProPublica has
published an investigative report detailing how St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a mammoth fundraiser, provides free medical treatment for children, and yet does not pay for every single financial burden incurred by families struggling to care for their sick children.

St. Jude, based in Mepmhis, Tennessee, is the largest health care charity in the United States. The hospital costs an
estimated $3.3 million per day to operate, but patients are not charged for the care they receive. Instead, the majority of the nonprofit’s funding comes from generous donors, including celebrities and well-known public figures who feature in the hospitals advertisements.

ProPublica reports that St. Jude was recognized as the 10th-best children’s cancer hospital by
U.S. News & World Report and raised a record $2 billion last year — nearly as much as the other nine hospitals ahead of it raised combined. The report notes the hospital currently has another $5.2 billion in reserves, “a sum large enough to run the institution at current levels for the next four and a half years without a single additional donation.”

Because of the overwhelming generosity of its donors, St. Ju …

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