The United States observes Law Day annually on May 1st. This day encourages all Americans to reflect on the personal rights and liberties which are enjoyed and exercised daily.

The laws and courts uphold these same rights and freedoms daily. The observance promotes reflection on the role of law in the foundation of the country and recognizes its importance for society.

Law Day asks Americans to focus on every American’s rights as laid out in the fundamental documents of American democracy: the Declaration of Independence and the federal Constitution. 


The American Bar Association organizes events for students and local citizens. Participate in essay writing contests, webinars, theater productions, Teen Court programs, scholarship fundraisers, and award presentations to name a few. While you’re celebrating the day, explore upcoming bills and the current year’s theme. Take part in online webinars or events and challenge yourself to learn more about how a specific law applies to you. 

Expand your awareness of the justice system and how it works. Learn how laws are developed.

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The American Bar Association presented the idea for Law Day in 1957. In 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1958 proclaimed the day to be observed on May 1st annually. Its observance was later codified by Public Law 87-20 on April 7, 1961.

Each year, the American Bar Association selects a theme for the celebration. Past Themes include:

  • Generations of Justice – 1990
  • E Pluribus Unum – 1995
  • Celebrate Our Freedom: Democracy and Diversity – 2000
  • The American Jury: We the People in Action – 2005
  • Law Day in the 21st Century: Enduring Traditions, Emerging Challenges – 2010
  • Separation of Powers: Framework for Freedom – 2018
  • Your Vote, Your Voice, Our Democracy: The 19th Amendment – 2020 – © 2020 All Rights Reserved.