Latinos are not a monolithic group; they are as diverse as the country itself. And, increasingly, Latinos are swing voters. Democrats must understand this or they will risk continuing to lose voter share from the largest and fast-growing ethnic minority in the country.

Much has been said about the Latino vote in last Tuesday’s gubernatorial election in Virginia. Pollsters and analysts are immersed in a precinct-by-precinct analysis to better understand how Latinos voted there, but two competing exit polls demonstrate just how much more we need to learn about Latino voters.

A Fox News/AP exit poll found that Republican Glenn Youngkin won Latino voters 55 percent to 43 percent, which would be a tectonic shift from where Latinos were just one year ago, when Joe Biden beat Donald Trump among Latino voters 61 percent to 36 percent. But these numbers are based only on exit polling conducted on Election Day, which represented only around one-third of the votes cast in the 2021 election.