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If there’s anyone who defines the term “First World Problems,” it’s Kathy Griffin. In the latest of a series of liberal-media sob stories, The New York Times on January 19 promoted how “Kathy Griffin Is Trying to Get Back on the D‑List.“The Times included a friendly photo showing Griffin mugging at the pool at her mansion, and features reporter Katharine Rosman noted “She does not lack for money — she says her net worth is $50 million — but she craves the one thing that has driven her for decades: work.”

Griffin wanted her wealth underlined: “Griffin’s house is a modern, boxy white structure of 8,200 square feet sitting on 1.8 acres in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean. She bought it in 2020 for $8.8 million, which I know because Griffin sent me the Zillow listing before I visited.”

The Times also published a “Kathy Griffin …

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