Four states have judges on the ballot in 2021. Each state has different elections with some different courts the judges will be sitting on. Remember, these are just important and one should research the candidates and their ideological views. While most should be non-partisan, some aren’t. Do your homework.

Louisiana – 2 special elections for the Louisiana Court of Appeals. Primaries are on March 20, 2021. If needed, the general election will be on April 24, 2021. Ten (10) year terms.

District 1

Marcus Hunter (D)

Larry D. Jefferson (D)

J. Garland Smith (D)

District 2

Jeff Robinson (R) *Elected. Canceled primaries or general elections

Wisconsin- 3 seats are up for election on the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. The election will be on April 6, 2021. Full term on the courts is six (6) years. Primaries were canceled.

District 1

Maxine White (incumbent) (non-partisan)

District 2

Jeffery Davis (incumbent) (non-partisan)

Shelly Grogan (non-partisan)

District 3

Rick Cveykus (non-partisan)

Greg Gill Jr. (non-partisan)

Washington- One seat on the ballot. Washington Court of Appeals. This seat is currently held by Judge James Verellen. Election date is November 2, 2021. This is the only information available at this time.

Pennsylvania- One seat on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, four on the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, three on the Pennsylvania Superior Court (2 seats up and one vacant one).

Pennsylvania Supreme Court- election 11/2 – Seat currently held by Justices Thomas Saylor (R). All the information currently available. Ten (10) year term limit

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court- Ten (10) year term limits. A retention election* is held after the initial ten years in service. Again, the election is on November 2, 2021.

  1. Judge Andrew Compton Seat- No information about candidates are available at this time.

  2. Judge Anne Covey’s seat- She filed a retention. Vote to keep or remove her. This is up to the citizens of PA. Do your research before you vote!

  3. Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt- A retention was not filed. Contact local gov’t centers to find out what happens next.

  4. Judge Renée Cohn Jubelirer – She filed a retention. Vote to approve or disapprove.

Pennsylvania Superior Court – Ten (10) year term limits. Again, this is a retention vote on two and one is a vacant seat. November 2, 2021 is when this election will be held.

  1. Vacant Seat- No information is available at this time.

  2. Judge John T. Bender- (incumbent)(non-partisan) is on the ballot.

  3. Judge Mary Jane Bowes-(incumbent)(non-partisan) is on the ballot.

Retention Election – An election where the voters are asked if the judge, in this particular case, should remain in their position. The elected person needs to receive at least 50% in order to remain in their position. If below, then he/she shouldn’t be retained. So yes, if constituents don’t like the job being done, they can vote to remove them. One must go vote yes or no!