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Good morning Marion County

I want to thank all the PC’s and volunteers who have come here today to help guide this Republican Party forward. My name is Jim Grimes and I am running for Marion County Sheriff.

We started this journey about 4 years ago when we looked at this race. We had a campaign going and we were visiting all the townships. The party asked that I step back to let someone else run and I did, and I campaigned for that person. We did not win, but it showed us a path to win this race. We did not wake up last year and decide to run for one of the highest offices in the county. We have been an active supporter of the party for decades. We have worked for years, not months to win this race.

The path lies with a candidate that can win in November. This person must have business experience, law enforcement experience and name recognition with the party and the communities. I am the only one who has these traits. The party cannot afford to handpick candidates anymore. We must choose one who can run the Sheriff Office and win an election.

I have owned and run businesses with hundreds of employees, I am the only one who has managed hundreds of employees at a Fortune 500 company. I am the only candidate that works and supervises employees at the Sheriff Office now. I am the only candidate that has been the President of the deputy’s union. These experiences have made me the only candidate that can win in November.

I have attended over 350 townhalls, GOP meetings, dinners, community events and neighborhood associations. I have been the President of Chamber of Commerce, Board of Realtors, Boys and Girls Club and have sat on the board of Economic and development, Lincoln Clubs, Business Improvements, Rotary, Lions, Mason and Scottish Rite. My nonprofit work for the community is second to none. I work for all the people, not just one community or one race, I work for all. That is one reason I have won the GOP Small Businessman of the Year and the Realtor of the Year and nominated for Deputy of the year in 2014.

Our focus will be dealing with the Opioid epidemic that has overrun our homes, our kids and our country. We have discussed numerous program and treatments that can be done before, during or after being jailed. We do not need nor, do we want a jail full of addicts. This one issue can help reduce our crime and murder rate which is at record levels. The Jail can help make that happen. Over half of our Jail is hooked on some drug. If we save 10 Percent, that is 6000 people a year at a cost savings of over 1 million dollars.

The jail needs to be structured. I made the statement that we should tear it all down and start over. That would be easier. The rank structure is out of hand, basically there is 1 supervisor per employee, if you own a business, you know that is not good. We are running about 300-500 thousand dollars a month in overtime which could go to retention, training and programs to help ease the burden on the Jail and courts. NO MORE PAY TO PLAY. We want transparency like the IN. GOV site. You are paying for this Jail, you are paying to run it, you are not paying for cars and you are not paying for houses on Giest. This is your money, you should be mad.

The Sheriff Office is a business and it must run like one, we must bring the budget under control and concentrate on the 5 priorities set out in the Merger of 2007. Millions of dollars and lost opportunities have been the path of the Democrats for the last 16 years. I currently supervise more employees at my current job than my opponents have over their whole life. The party has chosen candidates with years and years of experience in law enforcement, that would be great if we are looking for a law enforcement candidate. We are not. In discussions with some township chairs recently, they have stated this is not about law enforcement, it is about running the Jail. I whole heartily agree. Than why do we keep choosing candidates that do not fit the job, that is why we lose and that is why the Sheriff office is in the mess it is in. This gravy train is over.

I am not a part of the party machine. I do not want a few people inside or outside of the party choosing our candidates. That is one reason we keep losing. We are a proud party who stands for what is right and what is good in our country. Our County should do no less. I trust that when you vote, you will vote for the candidate that can do the job, can win in November and can help make sure we win in 2019. I do not want to be in the political minority for a generation in Marion County.

My name is Jim Grimes and I ask for your vote to become the next Sheriff of Marion County and jump start the party for 2019. We must win this election.

Thank you and God Bless