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Paulding, OH: Republican Clint A. Vance filed his petition Wednesday, January 17th at the Paulding County Board of Elections to run for County Commissioner in the May 8th primary. This seat, currently being held by Mark Holtsberry, is set to expire on December 31st. The May primary will include Vance along with any other Republican candidate who meets the February 7th filing deadline.

“I feel now is the right time to run,” said Vance, who just finished his four-year term on the Paulding School board in 2017, while also serving two years on the Vantage Career Center Board of Education.

“The next generation of leaders are going to need to step-up to the plate to help tackle key issues facing the county”, Vance explained, while commending the Paulding Chamber of Commerce on their recent hire of Mikayla Pieper as the new director. Not only will Vance bring a new perspective to the Board of Commissioners; his ability to work with and listen to multiple generations will only help with solving the drug issue, workforce development, and creating opportunities for youth retention.

Vance, who graduated from The Ohio State University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture, says “the experience and knowledge learned while down in Columbus was second to none and has opened up a variety of networking opportunities to reach out to.” These experiences, along with his knowledge of Agriculture could be very valuable to the people of Paulding County.

Graduating from Paulding High School in 2009, Vance returned home after college and currently farms full-time while driving charter bus for a couple of local companies part-time.

Paulding County consists of 419 square miles. Within those miles lies 12 townships and 11 villages making up 16 voting precincts. Vance noted that “my objective is clear; be a representative for everyone in the county while looking out for its’ best interest!”

Vance has chosen Katie Diaz to be his Campaign Committee Treasurer and Brian Egnor will act as his Campaign Manager.

Paid for by the committee to elect Vance Commissioner: Katie Diaz, treasurer, 825 Kay Nora Avenue; Paulding, Ohio 45879