WASHINGTON D.C. – Today ALL Americans celebrated the United States of America’s 243rd Birthday in grand fashion with an all day celebration in the streets of Washington D.C. named “Salute to America”. The celebration started off with a parade, then later in the day a speech by President Trump on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, then ending with a speculator fireworks display over the Potomac River.

The part of the “Salute to America” program that garnered the most criticism from the Main Stream Media & the Democrats alike was President Trump announcing that he would deliver a speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Both groups of people stated how political driven this speech would be by President Trump. Be the judge yourself:

The main question I asked in the beginning of this article was, how will the MSM spin this? What I’m referring to is the crowd size President Trump drew for his speech today. Where have WE THE PEOPLE seen this type of crowd size before? Trump Rallies? Yes. The real answer I’m looking for to this question is simple, President-elect Trump’s inauguration (example below).

credit AP

I have no way of predicting the winner of the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election, but its a safe bet that if President Trump is going to draw crowds today like he did in 2017 or bigger, all I can say is 4 MORE YEARS!