By Shelby Ferguson

I woke up the day of the Trump Rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on March 28th, 2019 without really knowing what was going to happen that day. I had never been to a Trump Rally before and I had applied for a press pass but my application still said “Pending”, as it had for over a week, so I didn’t know if I would be standing in line or getting in with the press. After talking to a few people and waiting for the building to be cleared, I was granted my media pass by the powers that be and had some time to walk with my signs I had made.


I had made 3 signs and originally planned to walk the line with all of the signs separately to get a good measure of the difference in responses. I also thought when I was planning this that walking the line would take less than 10 minutes. I got back to my car after getting my press pass and looked over the signs and almost grabbed the Trump sign first. Had I done this, the Q sign would have never happened at this rally!20190328_073105

For whatever reason, I decided to grab the Q sign first. It is one of those moments that will stay with me forever given the result. I walked to the front of the arena and wanted to get closer to the large crowd at the front but decided to stay outside the barrier, given the history at some events with Q items. That’s where the video starts, which is here:


The walk took me a lot longer than I had planned and by the time I got to the end and back to my car, I sat down for a brief break and made the Twitter post that became Q drop #3271. By this time it was after 4 pm and I noticed the line for press screening had grown and the press was getting locked down at 5:30 pm, so I had to abandon the plan to walk the other 2 signs and get in line.

The main reason I made the Q sign was to get a real gauge of how big the movement was. Every article from the mainstream media called us “fringe” or claimed we were such a small group we didn’t matter. Q told us repeatedly that the movement was bigger than we could imagine. Given these conflicting statements, I estimated if the media was correct, I would get around a 1% response. I figured if Q was right, I might see as high as 10%. Obviously I got a much, much larger response than that which shocked us all and Q was right yet again. All the responses I have seen from people who thought they were alone, or that our movement was as fringe as it was portrayed, or were moved to tears from seeing all the support, has touched me in a way I will never forget.

What this video has shown everyone is that we are not a fringe movement. We are not a violent movement. We are a movement of citizens who love our country and our President. We are a movement of information, awareness and research, nothing more. We do not condone or promote violence of any kind, ever. We support the rule of law equally applied to all. We support the Constitution. There was no violence in that line, there were only Americans who are united in our love of country. We are not racists, sexists, or any other negative label you try to put on us. We welcome all to The Great Awakening and only want an end to the corruption and deception that has plagued us for decades from both sides. Q has provided us the evidence of this existence and the plan to end it through our military and President Trump with over 3,000 posts (All Q posts are here) that largely use the Socratic Method and challenges all of us to do our own research, which we do.

The Great Awakening is real. Use logic. Research Qanon.