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Posted: Jun 27, 2022 12:01 AM

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Make no mistake, Russia fears the United States. After living and working in Russia and Ukraine for a decade and my prior service in the U.S. Army, I know this is largely based on our air supremacy. Our military can control the skies over conflict areas, allowing our ground forces to operate when and where they choose.American national security sector experts paying attention to environmental activism fear this could change: the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and some in Congress may soon ground our capacity to dominate air combat.Despite severe consequences from such activism, few people know about how the EPA’s proposed regulations of a class of chemicals known as Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) will also negatively impact our nation’s health. This is all driven by the EPA’s political agenda, not science.PFAS are chemicals widely used to manufacture everyday goods like cookware, clothes and carpets.  According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are nearly 5,000 types of PFAS. They are also used in electronics, aerospace and military products. Proponents of these ill-conceived regulations say PFAS exposure may cause altered metabolism or fertility, reduced fetal growth, diminished immune systems, and increased risk of obesity and cancer.But very little of this research is conclusiv …

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