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23 House republicans introduced a resolution Wednesday to protect support of the First Amendment and free speech, as well as to protect academic freedoms for students and faculty. 
The resolution, led by North Carolina Rep. Greg Murphy, came after Reps. Murphy, Stefanik and Cammack hosted the first-ever Campus Free Speech Roundtable in the Capitol to highlight the importance of diversification of thought in higher education. 

The resolution is, “expressing support for the First Amendment to the Constitution and its bipartisan impact regarding the protection of free speech as well as academic freedoms for all students and faculty.” 

It cites the First Amendment, Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, the ACLU, the Bipartisan Policy Center Fire, former Rep. John Lewis and more to try and make the resolution as bipartisan as possible, the Daily Caller reports. 
“There is no doubt that institutions of higher learning have become vectors of teaching what to think, …

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