Once a bellwether state, Florida is now officially red. While the state has been drifting away from the left for years now, for the first time ever, registered Republicans now outnumber registered Democrats.

As the Miami Herald reports:

Florida Republicans have officially reached a milestone they’ve been trending toward for nearly a decade — outnumbering registered Florida Democrats for the first time in state history. 
DeSantis has financially backed the party’s voter registration effort, donating $2 million, according to Politico. In 2008, assisted both by the campaign of former President Barack Obama and his popularity, Florida Democrats had an advantage of nearly 700,000 voters over registered Republicans. But every year since 2012, the gap between registered Democrats and Republicans has narrowed.

As of this September, Democrats only had about 24,000 more voters registered. The Republican Party of Florida’s executive director, Helen Aguirre Ferré, said on Friday that the governor’s policies have pushed people to the party. She also said previously that Democrats’ …

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