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The Kentucky high school principal currently under fire for photos which show him enjoying lap dances performed by students was also fondled by another student during a drag queen show.
Yes, really.
Donald Mobelini, the Principal of Hazard High School, is already under investigation after images were posted of a 2019 school event described as a “man pageant” during which girls dressed as Hooters waitresses and boys in lingerie pranced around performing sexually suggestive dance moves.
Mobelini can be seen smiling in the pictures, apparently very much enjoying the show.

Then there is this from Hazard making the rounds
Hazard High school holds “Man Pageant” that leads to male students dressed in Hooters outfits and bikinis giving teachers lap dances and pictures were shared by the school
Here is a Facebook post on the subject
— Matt Jones (@KySportsRadio) October 27, 2021

Maybe it’s just me but I …

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