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Gosar: It doesnt when you take the illegal ballots the signature ballots and then the fact that there were only 48 boxes that weren’t opened. People have to know that the paper was different in many of the boxes so there was plenty of error that was placed here. The problem we’ve got is we didn’t put it in plain English for the average person to understand. That’s why I bring up the audits that they did themselves when they looked at the random duplicate ballots and they did 100 and they had a 3% error rate which represented 90,000 ballots. Then they did 2,500 and we dont know where they stopped but they had double digits and most people believe that it was a 17% error rate. That’s over 450,000. So there was fraud here. How do they detect like we did the congressional hearings, like Andy said, the deletion of 123,000 images? Why was that done the day before? So there’s plenty of problems here. The other thing is, everybody watch the movie Kill Chain. It sets you free. If you haven’t watched it, go watch it. It’s the Democrats talking about the 2016 election with Donald Trump and the Russians. It’s key because just like the US Senate Homeland Security Election Subcommittee basically found these machines are 100% fraudulent or I should say better 100% corrupt. So folk’s don’t let this down. This is being referred to the Attorney General. You need to demand that the Attorney General indict, follow through with the audit, and we will find out, and we need to go to Pima, Coconino and Pinal there were four counties showing some big aberrations and those are four.

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