Representative Fred Upton (R‑MI) said Monday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that he was concerned for his staffs’ safety after receiving a profane voicemail from a man calling him a traitor because he voted for the infrastructure bill.

Cooper said, “You were one of 13 House Republicans who voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. In the wake of that vote, you have been receiving, I understand, some disturbing phone calls. I want to play one that your office provided to us, and I just want to play this for our viewers to give them a sense of what you are getting.”

In the heavily bleeped voicemail, a man said, “[ bleep ] traitor. That’s what you are. You’re a piece of [ bleep ] traitor. I hope you die. I hope everybody in your [ bleep ] family dies. You [ bleep ] piece of [ bleep ] trash, mother [bleep ]. Voted for dumb [ bleep ] Biden? You’re stupider than he is. He can’t even complete a [ bleep … (Read more)