As I write this many stories are breaking across the web about another insider from Google coming forward to discuss how the tech giant skews election news.   Of course what they do is manipulate information in favor of one canidate over another (most of the time Dems over Republicans).  It still amazes me how this is not considered election tampering or fraud, meanwhile we all continue to focus on the “Russian” angle.  But I digress.

Sara Carter has done an outstanding job being one of the early journalists with this story, here is the link to her work on the subject .  As this story continues to evolve one thing is abundantly clear.  Americans need to look no further for election tampering than on our own shores, by our own people, and we must address this just as much as any influence from another nation.  For all the effort that some in government want to put into fighting this problem when other nations are involved, they are spending a small amount of time dealing with what might be the larger issue at hand.  But what can you do you may ask?  For starters we have to be united in the eyes of those that represent us.  Call your representatives, your senator, anyone in government, and express that you want Google, Facebook, Twitter and any other platform, investigated for their role in spreading false information and more importantly suppressing conservative voices and views.  These elected officials must know that we expect them to address the issue in a meaningful way.  We must be heard, and we cannot be heard unless we all start saying something.

I want to leave you with this.  As most of you know this is literally just the tip of the iceberg.  Google will come under a microscope as a result of this latest development.  We must continue to be vigilant.  We must continue to be vocal.  We must continue to be united.