(INDIANAPOLIS, IN) – Every year there is pressure by some people to incorporate more Formula One into IndyCar, as both are Open Wheel. However, some people know there are other cultural differences between the two racing circuits that are more nuanced- and Rinus Veekay perfectly explained one of the foundational concepts that make the Indianapolis 500- and IndyCar, so wonderful- it is really racing for the people.

IndyCar is racing that people can afford to follow, and attend, is the opinion of many Indy fans.

Veekay, a young and upcoming firebrand, calls IndyCar ‘pure racing’. “You never really dominate IndyCar, and it keeps you pushing ahead.  I do want to win as much as possible,” Rinus Veekay, a Dutch driver, said at a media conference recently, talking about his future in racing.

Veekay, (21)  had a great race at Barber earlier in May, for the most recent IndyCar race, where he appeared to be highly comfortable leading 33 laps, but unfortunately, he didn’t finish where he wanted to be, so he is supercharged up now to go racing and push ahead to win.

And he will be doing that this weekend when he will be defending his 2021 GMR Grand Prix Championship- which was also his first career win.

Veekay will be in an Orange ‘ Building Tomorrow’ Ed Carpenter Chevrolet, this weekend which highlights early childhood education.

It was announced on Wednesday that for the Indy 500 Veekay will be driving a special bright orange #21 BitCoin Car which really highlights his Dutch heritage.  More Info Here.

“Orange is an important color because it is the official color for the Netherlands.  I helped design the car, and it is an important symbol for me because it is the translation of our royal family. I think the car looks great.  It took me a day to find the right orange,” Veekay told the media.

Here are some more of Veekay’s thoughts from NTT INDYCAR SERIES Video News Conference on Wednesday, ahead of the GMR Grand Prix this weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway:


Last year was my first ever win, and doing that in Indy was very special- everything went well and it was a dominating win  I got the date tattooed on my arm so it will be printed on me for the rest of my life, and so I will not forget.  It felt like a sunburn, not painful.


Spirits are high this year for this race,  we have a good car we have been fast here.  I was a little sad we didn’t win last week but I am ready to defend my win from last year for the GMR Grand Prix.

It is important to start our with Great Chevy power; they have won the last four out of four races, and so that helps and makes the job easier- or at least less hard), and I want to improve my racing this week; we have a great pace last week and learn at Barber and bring it here to Indy.


I have worked on my qualifying performance- I think I have the confidence to push 101% and not make mistakes and push in the right places.

I had two nights of bad sleep after Barber and then I realized how good it was; I was leading so much until that last pit stop.  There are things to improve,  and I would rather learn at Barber and win at Indy.

I watched the race just once and get a review from my driver coach; it is always little points- like looking at how to get a little more speed going into some corner, something like that.


It feels a little different to run this race after winning last year, it is cool to see your photo on the ticket, and that confidence gives a little peace, from having won already.


We have a great setup on this track and we are always fast and ready. I have done a lot of laps here so it feels natural to push hard very soon here.  I think we can be on the limit very early, which lets us make changes quickly.

Eric Smith had a great article about the interview:

On Adding More F1 into IndyCar- He said IndyCar is just fine, but could use some more upscale marketing. Otherwise, he likes IndyCar.

“Where I grew up everyone talked about Formula 1, but Arie Luyendyk really opened my eyes to the Indy 500 when I met him at the 100th running of this race, so he made me excited about this kind of race and I knew what I wanted to do,” Veekay said, after be prompted to dig at IndyCar.

“IndyCar is a pure form of racing. IndyCar has a great product,” he said, talking about the differences between the fans for F1 and IndyCar racing. “There is a different kind of fan there, because things are very expensive and the tickets are very expensive there, so it is very fancy,” he said.

It may be interesting to note here that Orange is the color of the Dutch Revolt, which was the revolt in the Low Countries against the rule of the Habsburg King Philip II of Spain, hereditary ruler of the provinces.

The color orange refers to the family name of the Dutch Royal Family, the House of Orange-Nassau. Their ancestor, William of Orange, is the founding father of the Netherlands.

So Orange is the color of The revolt of the Netherlands against Spanish rule.

So it makes a lot of sense that Veekay would gravitate to the Greatest Spectacle in Racing- which has not been bought up by the elite and turned into a show of status- yet.

So far, the Indy 500 has been able to do what few other American Institutions have done- the IMS has remained pure to it’s founding- and accessible to the people.

Rinus Veekay-what a grand champion! If he wins this year, will he get another tattoo?  If he starts that-he may end up covered in them.

Race on #21.