Indianapolis – April 24, 2020 – After signing his name on the 2nd part of the Paycheck Protection Plan, President Donald Trump opened today’s press briefing saying “We’re opening our country and it’s very exciting to see, the whole world is watching us.” “They respect what we’re doing so much.”

In attendance for today’s briefing was Vice President Mike Pence and Dr. Stephen Hahn, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration.

President Trump mentioned that the infection rates, which are being closely monitored are consistently going down across the nation. Today, he also signed the Paycheck Protection Plan fund replenishment, which consisted of direct payments to 81 million Americans.

POTUS noted that the United States will be sending ventilators to Mexico, Honduras, Indonesia, Spain, France, Italy and maybe Germany. Along with speaking on ventilators, President Trump stated that the FDA just approved the first COVID-19 at home testing kit.

Dr. Hahn announced that the FDA has cut regulatory barriers for new tests, but is not comprising on safety. “The FDA is working round the clock to to ensure safe testing is distributed,” Dr. Hahn said. “A process that usually takes years has been condensed into weeks and months, 63 diagnostic and antibodies tests have been approved,” Dr. Hahn added. “We are leaving no stone unturned on finding treatments for COVID-19.”

Vice President Pence reported that FEMA, HHS and the Private sector are working together to coordinate supplies and shipments to states nationwide. Pence stated that 5.1 million Americans have been tested for COVID-19 and as testing increases dramatically across the country, the number of cases will increase as well, but people should not be discouraged by those numbers.

Pence confirmed today, that he will be traveling to the Mayo Clinic, in Minnesota, next week. Along with traveling to Minnesota, Vice President Pence will also be in his home state of Indiana on Thursday. The Trump Administration is ramping up their travel schedule as a signal of encouragement to the rest of country.

After all remarks, no questions were taken from the media.

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