Indianapolis April 10, 2020 – After participating in a Easter Blessing with Bishop Harry Jackson in the Oval Office, President Donald Trump with members from the Coronavirus Task Force Team made their way into the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room in the West Wing of the White House to give an update to the Country and media on the continuing war with the Wuhanvirus.

Joining POTUS at the podium for today’s briefing was Vice President Mike Pence, Dr. Deborah Birx, Dr. Anthony Fauci, FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn and Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams.

President Trump updated everyone on the construction of the Southern Border Wall. “168 miles of the southern border wall has been completed,” Trump mentioned. Yesterday, POTUS touched on OPEC and oil production with Russia and Saudi Arabia and today he announced that the United States will now help Mexico in an effort to reduce oil production, “It may work out or maybe it won’t.” Trump added.

Trump spoke about how the number of deaths in the United States are slowing, along with the need for hospital beds not being as high as first expected. “We are near the peak and our comprehensive strategy is working,” POTUS added. “We are also seeing clear signs our aggressive strategy is saving countless lives and if the American people continue to follow the guidelines to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, I think the United States’s death toll might be 60,000, which is substantially under the 100,000 death mark originally projected. Nobody knows the number of lives saved with Social Distancing” Trump remarked.

Some 2 million Coronavirus tests have been conducted so far in the United States, which is now at a rate of 100,00 tests conducted per day. President Trump excepts the number of tests per day to shoot up substantially and “very quickly.” POTUS also mentioned that his administration is working on approval for antibody testing devices and they are working at “breakneck speed.”

Trump has also directed the Secretary Of The UDSA Sonny Perdue to use all available resources at the USDA’s disposal to make sure the US food supply is stable and stays safe. He also announced that he will be making an announcement next week on the World Health Organization, noting that the United States contributes $500 million dollars per year to the WHO.

“Every American should be proud of what our country has achieved in a short period of time.” Trump remarked.

Dr. Birx said “The United States for the first time is starting to see its curve level like Italy’s did about a week ago and we are starting to see a change.” She added that, ” The signs are encouraging, but as encouraging as they are we have not reached the peak and Americans should continue to abide by the guidelines put forth by President Trump.”

Dr Birx commended the citizens in the Baltimore / Washington corridor for doing a great job with the Social Distancing guidelines. Dr. Birx mentioned the rate of infections and cases has been slowing down for Boston and Philadelphia.

Dr. Hahn announced that FEMA is purchasing on behalf of the federal government 60 sterilization machines that will be distributed around the country to increase the supply of N95 respirator masks. He also mentioned that the FDA has removed red tape to allow for the safe reuse of medical gowns.

Surgeon General Adams explained that Black Americans are not genetically predisposed to be more adversely affected by the coronavirus, but they are socially disposed to being more affected by the virus. He also showed his own inhaler and said “young people with asthma can grow up to have this job, too.”

“The particular risk this virus poses to Black-Americans is due to higher rates of underlying conditions,” he said. “Call your friends and family, check in on your mother, she wants to hear from you right now!” Adams remarked.

Vice President Pence urged churches to continue to heed the social distancing guidelines during this Easter weekend.

After remarks were finished, the floor was opened up to questions by the media.

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