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Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who served as head of the National Economic Council during the Obama administration, has slammed the Biden White House for being “behind the curve” on the inflation ravaging the economy.

“I think we’re speeding down the road at a really rapid rate,” Summers told CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” Wednesday. “It’s kind of a downhill road. And it’s not going to be so easy to put the brakes on here. And that’s why I’m concerned.”

Summers spoke on the same day that the Labor Department announced that its Consumer Price Index, which measures the cost of a basket of goods and services as well as energy and food, had jumped 6.2 percent in October from a year earlier — the biggest 12-month rise since 1990.

It marked the fifth month in a row that inflation had surged by more than 5 percent. 

“I think that the policymakers in Was …

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