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Posted: Apr 09, 2022 12:01 AM

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Sometimes the good guys win, even when it involves election shenanigans. For two decades, a glitch at PennDot was allowing foreigners to register to vote, by the thousands. For over two year, we have been trying to get the records showing how bad the problem was, and why it happened in the first place.Finally, a federal court ruled the public has a right to see how badly Pennsylvania election officials blew it.And make no mistake, foreigners were voting in Pennsylvania elections because of state government snafus.The Public Interest Legal Foundation, of which I am the president, submitted a public records request to inspect records showing the scope of how many foreign citizens had been registered and the actions taken by the Commonwealth to remove them from the voter rolls.State officials, not keen on releasing documents cataloging their mistakes, denied our request. So, we sued them. And we won.A federal court in Harrisburg ruled that the public has the right to check the work of election officials and to see election records related to list maintenance.Free and fair elections are the vital bedrock of our democratic republic. Instead of standing in the way of transparency, the Commonwealth should have made these documents public and allowed us to assess how the disaster at PennDot occurred.The mistake at the local DMV, resulted in at least 11,000 citizens of a foreign country getting on Pennsylvania voter rolls. Nothing stopped them from voting, because election officials didn’t even know there was a problem for decades.It’s even worse. In our litigation, we discovered that election officials did not have one single communication with law enforcement about foreigners voting. Granted the state should have never let aliens on the rolls in the first place, but in many case, the aliens know it was illegal for them to vote.For example, documents show that more than 1,100 …

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