By Shelby Ferguson

FLINT, MI – New York Senator and Presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand came to Flint during her tour of the state on Friday afternoon, July 12th, bringing in her campaign bus and campaign slogan, “He broke it, we’ll fix it.” Flint Mayor Karen Weaver met the Senator at the Flint water plant to welcome her to the city and join her on a tour of the plant led by Craig Hamilton.

Senator Gillibrand asked the Mayor and Mr. Hamilton several questions about the state of the water plant and the problems it had, along with its future for Flint and they informed her of the plan to convert part of the plant into a bottling facility for water.

After the water plant tour, the Senator and Mayor headed over to the Flint landmark and home of Claressa Shields and many more greats, the Berston Field House. Berston Field House is in the midst of extensive planning and renovation thanks to the Friends of Berston and features multiple panels outside that pull condensation from the air to provide clean water for the facility. Bryant Nolden, the Executive Director of Friends of Berston, joined the Senator and Mayor in a toast to clean water, with the water provided by the panels themselves.

After leaving Berston Field House, everyone headed to downtown Flint for a walk. Senator Gillibrand and Mayor Weaver started their walk at the Flint Farmer’s Market and stopped in several downtown businesses, including Flint City T-Shirts and the Capitol Theatre.

Before leaving for her Lansing visit that night, the Senator took some questions along with the Mayor. I asked the Senator if she thought only citizens should be allowed to vote and she replied that she did. The full question and answer session with the press is here:



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