By Shelby Ferguson

After the MDHHS linked McLaren to the Legionnaires outbreak in 2014-2015 here and the state linked 2 more possible cases of Legionnaires to the hospital just 8 days ago here, the hospital still appears to have significant issues with creating and maintaining a safe and clean environment. I received a tip from a concerned citizen who either had or currently has access to the employee entrance and was told of its condition. I then went to the hospital at my first opportunity to see if there was any truth to the tip and saw that there was. My first video outside the hospital is here and gives a brief introduction.

First let me say that having watched the main video, it does not do the entrance justice. The grime on the doors was noticeable and thick and looked to be there for some time. Ask anyone you know who has worked there over the last few years and see what they say. The smell was heavy and putrid and hung in the air. The condition of this employee entrance was not acceptable in any work environment I have ever seen, let alone a hospital one. After seeing it and smelling it for myself, they could tell me they found nearly anything from testing those doors and I would believe it. Imagine a large petri dish with a large floor-to-ceiling heater blowing on it constantly to encourage growth and spread it through the air to the rest of the hospital and to anyone passing by and you have an idea of the main employee entrance at McLaren Hospital in Flint, Michigan.

As employees and others exit that hallway, the cafeteria is just down the hall to the right. Who knows how many people walk into that area every single day with residue from that door on their skin and clothing that is then passed to parts of the cafeteria and others. There are no handles on the doors as you can see, so the majority of people either use their hands or body to push open the door and going in either direction would leave at least some residue from the grime I saw. Just to the left after the hallway are the main central elevators. That means the immediate areas that the majority of people enter directly after contact with those doors are the cafeteria and the main central elevators. The risk for fast spreading contamination looked very real.

While I would hope they immediately clean all their entrances thoroughly and replace any doors in the condition of the ones I saw, unfortunately I think this entrance is only indicative of a larger problem concerning their outlook towards creating and maintaining a safe and clean environment in areas the public doesn’t normally see. It is possible this entrance is an anomaly and not an indicator of a larger problem and I hope that is the case. Unfortunately I think logic points the other direction. Decide for yourself.

Video of employee entrance is here. Both videos were filmed April 18th, 2019.

McLaren did not respond to my request for a comment.

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