By Shelby Ferguson

It is my pleasure to announce the state of Michigan will be represented at this years “Made In America” event at the White House by “Michigan Mittens“! “Made In America” showcases businesses from each State that are American made and started in 2017, continuing each year since. This years will take place on July 15th at the White House. Last year’s event, here, featured companies of all sizes and was hosted by our President Donald J. Trump, taking place on the South Lawn.

“Michigan Mittens” (Always have a MAP on hand!) has an online store here and is also in retail locations all over Michigan, including several in the Upper Peninsula! Their “About Us” section has their origins from 2007 and states, “We are proud to say that Michigan Mittens are made in America & each pair are handled by no fewer than 9 American workers!”

That is indeed something to be proud of!

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