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It’s Tuesday, so that only means 1 thing! It’s Tuesdays With Todd. In the bottom half of the 1st hour of the show, Todd Huff of Todd Huff Radio heard on Freedom 95 will joins Derik and Abe for their bi-weekly discussion. Stay tuned in the 2nd hour for Abe’s News Blitz, Commentary and the Patriot Song Of The Day.

Special Guest:
Todd Huff (

News Picks:
• Business Insider: Hurricane Dorian is slowly inching from the Bahamas to the US, leaving devastation in its wake
• Live Science: Extremely Dangerous Hurricane Dorian Expected to Make Close Shave with Florida
• Hot Air: Biden: We Gotta Ban “Magazines That Hold Multiple Bullets,” Or Something
• Twitter: Todd Huff 
• MRC TV: Good News & Bad News: Chicago Shootings Down From 2018 Despite Rise in Labor Day Weekend Shootings
American Military: US unleashes military to fight fake news, disinformation
• Video: “Trump 2020 Rally Song” – Deplorable Choir

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