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Hosted by: Derik & Conscience Abe & Special Guest Host Kari Donovon

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In this episode, Derik & Abe are joined a host of special guests. In the 1st hour of the show, the guys are joined by author PC Marotta to discuss her books. At the bottom half of the 1st hour, its Tuesdays w/ Todd, Todd Huff of The Todd Huff Show joins the show. At the top of hour #2, Abe goes through his famous Abe’s News Blitz. Following Abe’s News Blitz, Abe’s internet crapped out, so Derik was joined by Special Guest host Kari Donovon along with Indianapolis Independent Candidate John Schmitz to discuss his press release from yesterday, then the Patriot Song Of The Day!

News Picks:

• AP News: Boris Johnson wins race to become UK’s next prime minister
• Rasmussen Report: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
• RSBN: Poll: 54% of Americans Believe Economy is Improving
• Website: PC Marotta
• Twitter: Todd Huff
• MRC TV: AMAZING: Firefighter Sees American Flag In Color for the First Time
• Twitter: John Schmitz
• “Real Women Vote For Trump” by The Deplorable Choir

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