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by Indy News & Conscience Abe / June 20, 2019

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In this episode, Indy & Abe in the 1st hour of the show discuss the news of the day along with Abe’s News Blitz. In the 2nd hour of the show, the guys are joined by Amy Freeman & Shelly Govar of the United States Patriot Commission to discuss the corruption in Arkansas.

News Picks:

Breaking911: Border Patrol Agents Arrest Pregnant Smuggler Accompanied By Her 2 Minor Children
• Breitbart: New York Democrats Gift 250,000 Illegal Alien Drivers to Uber, Delivery Companies
• US Denounces ‘Unprovoked Attack’ After Iran Shoots Down High-Value Navy Drone
• American Greatness: We Hold All the Cards in the Showdown with Iran
• Facebook: Amy Freeman
• Facebook: Shelly Govar
• Facebook: United States Patriot Commission
• Twitter: Amy Freeman
• Website: United States Patriot Commission
• YouTube: United States Patriot Commission

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