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by Indy News & Conscience Abe / June 10, 2019

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In this episode, Indy & Abe discuss the corruption within the DHS and CPS. across the United States of America. Later in the program, Abe conducts his famous Abe’s News Blitz along with the Patriot Song Of The Day and your calls!

News Picks:
• PJ Media: Mother: ‘Child Welfare Services in Colorado Stole My Disabled Son’
• The Washington Free Beacon: Soros Spends $1 Million on VA Prosecutor Races
• White House Makes It Official: Army Vet David Bellavia Will Receive Medal of Honor
• Red State: In Alarming Display Of Toxic Masculinity, Four Teen Boys Save Elderly Oklahoma Woman From Fire
• Breitbart: Daily Beast Under Fire for Fake News Hit on Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump
• Study Finds: Study: Snooping On Partner’s Phone, Reading Their Texts Can Strengthen Some Relationships
• Video: “Can You Say Winning” by The Deplorable Choir

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