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by Indy News & Conscience Abe / June 5, 2019

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In this episode, Indy & Abe are joined by Marine and Patriot Greg Aselbekian about the 2016 election & Social Media censorship. Also the guys reflect on the life of fellow Patriot and former Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith.

News Picks:
• KAIT 8: Investigation continues into former Arkansas state senator’s death
• Breitbart: Seven Republicans Voted for Illegal Alien Amnesty
• CNS News: CNN Prime Time Audience Falls to Measly 761,000 Viewers
• FOX59: Undercover video shows animal abuse at Fair Oak Farms
• MRCTV: ‘Unmasked’ – Reveals Media’s Top 10 Trump Haters
• Video: “Hallelujah” by Sailor Jerri

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