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by Indy News & Conscience Abe / May 28, 2019

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In this episode, Indy & Abe discuss President Trump‘s chances in 2020 & the possibility of Election Fraud. Later, the guys discuss President Trump moving to the Gold Standard & Host Graham Moore (aka Daddy Dragon) of The Full English Show on PSB stops by and gives his insight on the results of the EU Elections.

News Picks:

• Legal Insurrection: Trump: ‘African Americans Will Not Vote for’ Biden Due to Role in 1994 ‘Super Predator’ Crime Bill
• Newsmax: Gallup: More Americans Think Trump Has Presidential Qualities
• RSBN: NYT: Trump 2020 Win Likely According to 3 Different Models
• The Federalist: Lawsuit Suggests Spying On Trump Campaign Started In Early 2016
• The United Free: Florida mailman spends his off days cleaning veterans’ headstones
• Study Finds: 1 In 7 Millennials Have Never Read A Paper Map, Survey Finds

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