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by Indy News & Conscience Abe / May 22, 2019 

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In this episode, Indy & Abe recap the Indiana Patriot Meet-up, along with the topics of elected official accountability, illegal immigration and abortion. All Rights Reserved 2019 Copyrights Indy & Abe. 

News Picks:
• American Thinker: Trump’s Pennsylvania rally drove victory for GOP in House seat
• Breaking911: MS-13 Teen Gang Members Brutally Murdered 14-Year-Old Girl With Bat & Machete. Maryland Officials Ignored ICE Detainer & Released The Alleged Killers
• Gateway Pundit: Sarah Sanders: That 2 Mile Quote Is an Inaccurate Number — Closer to 115 Miles Have Been Finished (VIDEO)
• Video: “NEW WAVE OF INDEPENDENCE” by Salty Crystal

All Rights Reserved 2019 Copyrights Indy & Abe.