by Derik, GloryAnon           Posted: December 24, 2020

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In this episode, Derik & Glory return for another day broadcast excellence on The Patriots Soapbox Live News Network The Common Sense Show. In hour #1, Derik & MAJ will bring you the news that’s most important to you WITHOUT the liberal spin! 

In hour #2, Derik will review stock the latest stock numbers, which were just released courtesy of MarketWatch. Also in hour #2, we here at The Common Sense Show bring you a special Patriot Roundtable called, “God’s Gift”. Stay tuned to the show for our Patriot Song of the Day!

Special Guests:
Roy (on Twitter: @EricFin95784628)
Kevin Krople (on Twitter: @greentap85)
Jonelle Carter (on Twitter: @riverroadtrio)

News Picks:
 • Liberty Headlines: Rush Limbaugh Offers Moving End-of-Year Sign-Off; Some Fear It May Be His Last
 • Just The News: Justice Department announces 6,000-plus arrests in violent crime crackdown Operation Legend
 • Daily Caller: REPORT: Fauci Admits He Lied Because ‘Country Wasn’t Ready’ To Hear The Truth
 • Big League Politics: Hunter Biden Laptop Store Owner Alleges FBI Misconduct, Intimidation in New Video
 • MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average