by: Derik, Patriotski & Glory Anon Posted: May 4, 2020

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In this episode, Derik, Patriotski & Glory Anon are back for another week of broadcast excellence on The Patriots Soapbox Live News Network & The Common Sense Show! The guys start out today’s show by being joined by Former White House speechwriter and Heritage Foundation policy analyst, he is also the National Tea Party movement co-founder and leader, Michael Johns. Michael and the guys discuss national issues facing the American people today. In the bottom half of hour #1, the guys recap the weekend headlines and the news articles making their rounds today in the news cycle.

In hour #2, the guys discuss and commentate on the stock market that just closed. Don’t miss any late breaking news or our Patriot Song Of The Day!

Special Guest:
Michael Johns (Twitter: @michaeljohns)

News Picks:

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