by: Derik, Patriotski & Glory Anon Posted: April 21, 2020


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In this episode, Derik & Patriotski are back for another day of broadcast excellence. The guys are joined at the bottom of hour #1 by their weekly Tuesday guest, Todd Huff of The Todd Huff Show as they discuss today’s news headlines.

In hour #2, The guys sort through and break down today’s news headlines along with any late breaking news that happens during today’s show. At the Don’t forget about our Patriot Song Of The Day!

Special Guest:
Todd Huff (Twitter – @ToddHuffShow)

News Picks:

• BPR: Trump campaign hits Pelosi with icy cold brutal ad over blocked funding

• MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average

• Newsbusters: NBC News Links Trump to Death from Coronavirus Cocktail … Again – © 2020 Patriots Soapbox Live News Network. All Rights Reserved.