by: Derik & Chris Moore Posted: March 6, 2020


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In this episode, its Friday!!!! That means 3 things, 1. Patriot Line Friday, 2. Discussion With Dilley & 3. Florida’s 21st Congressional Candidate Michael Bluemling joins the show! At the start of today’s show, PSB’s own Captain Liberty called into the show and gave the guys an update on the current situation going on in and around Nashville, TN. During the middle of hour #1, Author & Life Coach Brenden Dilley of The Dilley Show drops by to join Derik & Chris for their weekly discussion on a wide range of topics currently in the news cycle, the guys cover it all!

In hour #2, Derik & Chris break down other news items that you won’t hear in the MSM, take calls from PATRIOT NATION & don’t forget our Patriot Song Of The Day! At the bottom half of hour #2, Patriot, Veteran & Candidate in Florida’s 21st Congressional District, Michael Bluemling drops by the show!

Special Guest:
Brenden Dilley – Twitter (@DilleyShow)

Michael Bluemling
Campaign Website
Facebook (@MichaelBluemlingJr4CongressFloridaDistrict21)
Twitter (@4USAFreedom)

News Picks:

• Twitter: Brenden Dilley

• Axios: U.S. economy surprises with 273,000 jobs added in February

• National Review: Romney Backs Burisma Probe, Paving Way for Johnson to Subpoena Witness

American Greatness: Former UAW President Gary Jones Charged with Corruption, Embezzlement

• BPR: New IG report finds FBI botched probes of suspects later linked to horrific U.S. terror attacks

• PJ Media: FISA Judge Says FBI Officials Involved in Carter Page Wiretaps Cannot Seek Other Surveillance Orders

• Newsmax: Gregg Jarrett: Schumer’s Justices Threat Might Be a Crime

• MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average

• Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

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