by: Derik & Patriotski Posted: February 20, 2020


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In this episode, Derik & Patriotski are back at it again! In hour #1, the guys will discuss and commentate on the current news items making their rounds in today’s news cycle and the guys will take away that liberal spin that the MSM adds to those stories.

In hour #2, GOP Candidate for US Senate in New Jersey, Tricia Flanagan joins the show to talk about her life in politics, her campaign and how after shes elected, shes going to help the people of the Great State of New Jersey! Also stay tuned to the show for calls from The Patriot Nation & the Patriot Song Of The Day!

Special Guest:
Tricia Flanagan
Twitter – (@NewDayForNJ)

News Picks:

• FOX News: Hundreds camp out overnight ahead of Trump rally in Colorado

• National Review: FBI Knew of Central Epstein Victim 11 Years before She Testified: ‘They Could Have Unravelled the Entire Network’

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