by: Derik & Patriotski Posted: February 6, 2020


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In this episode, Derik & Patroitski are back for another day of broadcast excellence. The guys are joined by Conservative and Seattle Native Brian Martin, whose running for Congress in Washington’s 7th Congressional District. At the bottom of hour #1, the guys will take a look at the headlines that are making their rounds in today’s news cycle and the guys will take away all the spin in those stories.

In hour #2, Derik will breakdown today’s Dow Jones final number and friend of the show, John Schmitz joins the show for a YUGE announcement! Also stay tuned for our Patriot Song Of The Day!

Special Guests:
Brian Martin
Twitter: @Brian4CongrRep

John Schmitz
Twitter: @dosomethingindy

News Picks:

• American Greatness: Rep. Gaetz to File Ethics Charges Against Pelosi: ‘She Destroyed Official Records’

• Twitter: Brian Martin

• The Blaze: GOP senators formally ask Secret Service for records on Hunter Biden

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