by: Derik & Patriotski Posted: February 5, 2020


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In this episode, Derik & Patriotski are back together again! What a show we have in store for you! First, the guys will talk and discuss last night’s State Of The Union Address by President Trump at Capitol Hill. In the bottom of hour #1, the guys are joined by the President and Co-Founder of Patriot Mobile, Glenn Story.

In hour #2, the time has come. FINALLY a end to the sham Impeachment Trial of President Trump. The Senators will come together for 1 final vote and the guys will cover it live as it happens. Also don’t forget about our Patriot Song Of The Day!

Special Guest:
Glenn Story – (On Twitter @GlennPStory & @PatriotMobile)

News Picks:

• CNS News: Trump Awards Limbaugh Presidential Medal of Freedom at State of the Union Address

• American Thinker: President Trump’s moving, statesmanlike State of the Union address

• RedState: Remember That the Democrats Sat While You Were Celebrated Last Night

• Twitter: Glenn Story

• Twitter: Patriot Mobile

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