by: Derik & Special Guest Hosts Shelly Jo & Amy Jo Posted: December 09, 2019

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It’s another week of broadcast excellence here on the Patriots Soapbox 24/7 News Network & The Common Sense Show. In this episode, with Abe being out for today, Derik was joined by 2 Special Guest Hosts Shelly Jo & Amy Jo of the Jo-Jo’s For Justice. Shelly & Amy are making their second appearance on The Common Sense Show. Derik, Shelly & Amy recapped the weekend headlines from the current news cycle, along with today’s news items, old and new Q posts and the big item everyone has been patiently waiting on…….. the IG/FISA Report.

In hour #2 of the show, Shelly & Amy gave updates on the current news stories the Jo-Jo’s For Justice are working on in the Great State of Arkansas. Derik, Shelly & Amy discussed any late breaking news that may arise and don’t forget the Patriot Song Of The Day!

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