by: Derik & Conscience Abe  Posted: November 22, 2019


Its Open Line Friday! In this episode, Derik & Abe open the show discussing and commentating on the real news currently in today’s news cycle. During the 1st hour of the show, author and life coach Brenden Dilley join the show for our weekly discussion with Dilley.

Starting in hour #2, Abe goes through his news blitz and market watch. At the bottom half of hour #2, media producer on
The Blaze, Kris Cruz joins the guys for a conversation about his career and how the MSM covers President Trump. Also don’t forget our Patriot Song of The Day and YOUR CALLS!

Special Guests:
Brenden Dilley (
Kris Cruz (

News Picks:

• MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average

• Twitter: Brenden Dilley

• Twitter: Kris Cruz