by: Derik & Conscience Abe  Posted: November 12, 2019


In this episode, Derik & Abe commentate and discuss all of the hot button news items in the news cycle for today. During the bottom half of the 1st hour, Todd Huff of The Todd Huff Show joins the guys for their weekly discussion.

In the 2nd half of the show, Abe goes through his news blitz along with taking calls from you, THE PATRIOT NATION!!

Special Guest:
Todd Huff (On Twitter @toddhuffshow)

News Picks:

• Daily Wire: WATCH: Don Cherry Fired For Telling Immigrants To Honor Fallen Vets, Responds To Backlash

Daily Caller: Google Is Working On A Secret Project To Collect Personal Health Data On Millions Of Americans: Report

Gateway Pundit: SARA CARTER: Horowitz Report on FISA Abuse Will be Damning, Expected to Contain Several Criminal Referrals

Twitter: Todd Huff