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he recent indictment by Special Counsel John Durham of Igor Danchenko raises potentially explosive possibilities, so far overlooked by public reporting. They all stem from a central question: who was behind the maneuverings of the mysterious Sergei Millian?

Until the Danchenko indictment, it had been the prevailing wisdom for years that a key damning allegation—that there was a “well-developed conspiracy” of Trump-Russian electoral collusion—came from Millian, the president of the grandly-named Russian-American Chamber of Commerce, a sketchy, dime-store organization headquartered in Millian’s Queens apartment.

Christopher Steele, author of the now-infamous dossier, himself revealed Millian’s role to the FBI in early October 2016, while defensively labeling him as a “boaster” and “embellisher,” seemingly seeking distance from a potential liar.

But, to the surprise of most, Durham’s recent indictment states that the story Danchenko attributed to Millian (alternately, Source D and Source E in the Steele dossier) did not come from Millian. Rather, the story came from the long-time Clinton supporter, PR executive Charles Dolan, himself tied to the Russian Federation from past years representing the country. At the same time Dolan was sourcing these claims to Danchenko, he was closely consulting with Russian “diplomats,” another word for “intelligence agents.”

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