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Share this:To the surprise of absolutely no one, Disney and Marvel look to be banking on identity politics as a selling point for their upcoming Disney Plus Ms. Marvel television series.
Source: Ms. Marvel Vol. 4 #10 (2016), Marvel Comics. Cover art by Cameron Stewart.
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Released alongside a number of other trailers as part of the company’s Disney Plus Day promotional event, the brief teaser serves as an introduction for audiences to both the star of the series, Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), as well as her idolisation of Captain Marvel, opening on the assumedly-then-unpowered protagonist glancing up in awe at a light display made in Carol Danvers’ honor.
Source: Ms. Marvel (2022), Disney Plus
The trailer also features brief shots of what appears to be Kamala gaining her powers:
Source: Ms. Marvel (2022), Disney Plus
The young hero suiting up (for what may be the first time) in a Captain Marvel-inspired costume:
Source: Ms. Marvel (2022), Disney Plus
And four ominous figures standing amidst a cloud of smoke:
Source: Ms. Marvel (2022), Disney Plus
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However, whilst the imagery of the trailer is not in and of itself based in identity politics – as even the shot of a group of Muslims in prayer is relevant to Kamala’s actual backstory – the pushing of this tired school of thinking can be heard narrated by the hero herself.
Speaking to a friend, assumedly either Bruno or his MCU equivalent (ala Ganke and Ned in the Tom Holland Spider-Man films), Kamala tells him, “It’s not really the brown girls from Jersey City who save …

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