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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Thursday that the state is officially filing a lawsuit against Biden’s vaccine mandate. 
During a press conference with Attorney General Ashley Moody, DeSantis said the Sunshine State will join Georgia, Alabama and private plaintiffs in suing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration over its vaccine mandate for employers, Fox News reports. 

“This is not consistent with a government of limited and enumerated powers,” DeSantis said. “There is no general police power, there is no power to mandate on the American people from the federal government.”

“Individuals should make informed choices about their own healthcare,” he continued. “They shouldn’t be coerced into getting the jab.” 
Indeed, as previously reported by Human Events News, the Biden administration is giving employers with over 100 employees until January 4 to require vaccinations, or require their employees to succumb to weekly testing and mask wearing.
Because it is an Occupational …

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