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Apr 16, 2020


American Greatness: Chinese Virus May Have Originated in Wuhan BioLab
BPR: FISA Bombshell: FBI had evidence Russian intel knew of Steele dossier on Trump during 2016 campaign
Breitbart: Jobless Claims Hit 5.245 Million
Gateway Pundit: Researchers Reveal Clinton Foundation is Linked to the WHO, PEPFAR, the Gates Foundation and the Global Fund
Issues and Insights: Media Hope In COVID-19 They Finally Have The Event That Will Destroy Trump
Liberty Headlines: TRUMP: New Guidelines Imminent in Order to Reopen US Economy
MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average
Newsbusters: CNN Airs Least of Coronavirus Briefings, Network Skips 7 Hours Over Past Two Weeks
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Federalist: 9 Key Points From Newly Declassified Report Details On FISA Abuse


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