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Apr 15, 2020


American Greatness: Trump Cuts Off WHO from the American Teat
Apple Insider: Tim Cook, Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban, Robert Kraft enlisted for Trump’s committee to reopen US economy

Big League Politics: BOMBSHELL: Millions in US Taxpayer Dollars Given to Wuhan Lab to Study Coronavirus in Bats
Big League Politics: North Carolina Cops Threaten and Arrest ‘Non-Essential’ Protesters for Unauthorized Free Speech
Hot Air: AOC: Sure, Tara Reade Is A “Legitimate” Subject To Discuss
Issues & Insights: Who Will Get Blamed If Coronavirus Shutdown Turns Out To Be A Massive Overreaction?
Liberty Headlines: Cuomo Inflates NY Death Toll by Adding ‘Probable’ COVID Fatalities
MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Blaze: Los Angeles sheriff releases 25% of inmates over coronavirus now he’s worried there might be a crime wave
The Conservative Treehouse: A Common Misconception About The Origin of Spygate – Political Surveillance In The Era of President Obama
The Daily Wire: BOMBSHELL: Memo Reveals When Chinese President Xi Knew Outbreak Was ‘Severe’ ‘Epidemic’
The Political Insider: Hillary Clinton Hit With Crushing Blow As State And Justice Departments Agree She Must Testify Over Benghazi
True Pundit: Georgia Democrat Bucks Party, Backs Trump For Reelection


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