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Jul 3, 2019


American Military News: NOT GUILTY: Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher cleared of murder charges
American Thinker: Facebook bans post on Holocaust remembrance but welcomes back Louis Farrakhan supporters
Business Insider: Amazon, Microsoft, and Google plot to pull product manufacturing out of China, deepening the cold war engulfing tech
CNS News: John Adams Wanted Independence Day Celebrated With ‘Devotion to God…Pomp and Parade…Guns, Bells, Bonfires’
Conservative Review: A friendly reminder that America actually declared independence on July 2, not July 4
Daily Wire: New Poll: Huge Percentage Of GOP Voters ‘Extremely Proud’ To Be Americans. Democrats? Don’t Ask.
Dan Bongino: Trump: “A Lot of People” Will be Deported After July 4
Fox59: Several cars end up with flat tires after running over chunk of cement on I-65 through downtown
Gateway Pundit: Hunter Biden Admits to Taking Diamond Bribe From Shady Chinese Businessman – Media Silent Here Are All the Military Planes Flying at Trump’s 4th of July Military Parade
MRC TV: CNN Poll: Only 21% Favor Getting Rid of Private Insurance; Majority Oppose Healthcare for Illegals
Newsmax: Trump: July 4 Celebration to Be ‘Show of a Lifetime’
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Daily Signal: It’s Actually OK to Be Proud of the Military on Independence Day


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