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Mar 23, 2020


American Greatness: Senate Democrats Block China Virus Bailout
CNBC: The Federal Reserve just pledged asset purchases with no limit to support markets
Gateway Pundit: Obama Went Golfing as H1N1 Swept Across USA – 60 Million Cases and 12,000 Dead!
Issues & Insights: Is The Media Ignoring Good News On Coronavirus?
Judicial Watch: FBI Finds New Clinton Emails, Including Discussion about Benghazi and Additional Classified Material
MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average
National Review: Trump Floats Ending Coronavirus Lockdowns in Coming Weeks to Boost Economy
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Redstate: Here’s Documented Evidence of the Political Games the National Media Are Playing in the Midst of Pandemic
RealClearPolitics: White House Press Continues to Humiliate Itself
The Daily Signal: Top WHO Official Won Election With China’s Help. Now He’s Running Interference for China on Coronavirus


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