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Mar 10, 2020


 American Greatness: Ghoulish Media, Democrats Wish for Wuhan Flu Casualties
•  CNS News: Trump Eying Payroll Tax Cut and Help for Hourly Wage Earners
 Daily Caller: White House Task Force Announces Health Insurance Companies Will Wave Coronavirus Copays For All Testing And Treatment
•  Daily Wire: Limbaugh: Here’s Why Democrats’ Coronavirus Response Will Backfire
Gallup: Approval of U.S. Congressional Republicans Tops Democrats
 IJR: Trump Campaign Pens Scathing Letter to Twitter for ‘Manipulated Media’ Label on Video of Biden
•  Liberty Headlines: Trump Plans Payroll Tax Relief in Response to Coronavirus
•  MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average
•  Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
•  Redstate: RNC Spokeswoman Busts WaPo, MSNBC For Trying to Give Biden Advice on How to Deal With the Burisma Question
•  TWJ: Gas Prices Likely To Plummet This Week, Already at or Below $2/Gal. in Some Parts of Country
•  WFB: Saudi Arabia, Russia Raise Stakes in Oil Price War


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