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Feb 6, 2020


American Greatness: Rep. Gaetz to File Ethics Charges Against Pelosi: ‘She Destroyed Official Records’
American Thinker: So Nancy Pelosi planned out her toddler-like rip stunt all along
Breitbart: Watch Live: President Donald Trump Speaks at National Prayer Breakfast
Grabien: Sen. McConnell to the House of Representatives: ‘Don’t Do This Again!’
MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average
PJ Media: Found You, Lie-awatha: Warren Hides Behind Staffer After Realizing She’s Being Filmed Getting Off a Private Jet
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Blaze: GOP senators formally ask Secret Service for records on Hunter Biden
The Hill: Watch live: Trump delivers remarks following impeachment acquittal
Twitter: Brian Martin
Twitter: John Schmitz


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